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If electricity flows through it, to it, or around it, We Do IT.

Project Management

All projects big and small need to be managed, having a competent and effective person who can do it makes the biggest projects operate smoothly.

Managed Service

Computer, Server, and other Hardware failures are inevitable. With a We Do IT USA's Managed Services on the lookout, you can be confident that your hardware is being monitored, and everything possible is being done to make sure and avert the surprise of failure.​


PLC & Controls

PLCs and Controls afford your company flexabilty and the ability to do great things with minimal staffing, but they are also complicated, advanced systems. We Do IT can help you if they need tweaking, adjustment, or re-programming. 

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are a necessary part of every business. From Selection, configuration to installation We Do IT USA has the knowledge and experience to make their use and access easy and effective for your organization.

Tech Consultant

When you face a technology challenge and know it should be able to be done, this is when you want to bring in a consultant. Someone for hire, to look out for your back, but understand the ins and outs of the tech you are trying to implement.

Help Desk

We Do IT USA offers 24/7 Help Desk services. No matter what time of day your issue arises, you can call someone who can help you through your issues.​


Wireless Network

Whether you are looking for an awesome Wi-Fi signal at your office or looking to link two locations that cant be hard wired. We Do IT USA has the experience, hardware and know how to make it happen.


Unsure how to do something? We Do IT USA's friendly techs will spend the time you need to make you feel comfortable with whatever piece of technology is providing challenges for you.




Is your computer getting up there in age? Database loading slowly? Your child is heading off to College. Give We Do IT USA a call and we can help you select the correct ​​Server, Desktop, Laptop, All In One, Smartphone, or any other piece of technology.

Everywhere you are

We Do IT USA has implemented and supported systems around the globe and around the corner. Whether you are looking to install a new server in Northern California, replace a desktop in Maine, or setup an unattended weighing system in another country, We Do IT USA is ready for the challenges and excitement that go along with it.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are a cost effective and easy way to bring new resources, and solutions to your new or growing business. Whether you want a private cloud in your local office or a hosted solution available anywhere. We Do IT USA has the knowledge to make IT happen and easy for you. 

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