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Not your average IT company

We Do IT USA is not your average IT company, and we don't hire average people. First off we all care about your business. Next we may be geeks, but we are not nerds. What does that mean? It means that the people who work for We Do IT USA are normal people, who won't make you feel stupid when you ask any question. We are at home on a job site where they are pouring concrete as we are in your server closet. We Do IT USA doesn't do standard IT, We Do IT that is where others don't want to do it. Underground mines? Yes We Do IT. Log Yards? Yes We Do IT. Sand Pits? Yes We Do IT. Oil Refineries? Yes We Do IT. MRFs, Waste to Energy Plants, Weigh Stations, Transfer Stations, Recycling Facilities? Yes We Do IT!

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